Bello Opal®, opal material from KYOCERA Corporation - Forbes Top Regarded Company, has always been the mainstream gemstone in worldwide man-made opal market.

  • Bello Opal® (Lab-grown Opal) takes about a year to grow in laboratory and is similar in properties to natural opal.
  • Bello Opal® contains high percentage of silica, at least 80%, and has the unique feature of vertical growth pattern.
  • It is a beautiful gemstone with perfect colour vibrancy - revealing the beauty of precious opal. 
  • The Opal is called Cultured Opal and it is lab made.
  • It is built up, layer by layer, in a lab.
  • It is the most expensive thing (by a long shot) used in southwestern jewelry. 
  • Opal ”originates from the Latin word “Opalus”, meaning to gather the essence of every gem into one.
  • The ancient Romans called opal the “Queen of Gems” because it encompasses the colors of all the other gems.

Opal exhibits both dot and stripe fire patterns,  while the dot pattern is the most popular option, the stripe has been a a new popular option.

         Stripe Pattern is a cross cut         

                Dot Pattern is the Classic